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Tiar D'Vaughn
• 7/2/2017

Air Disaster

Okay. This game is similar to one on Hypothetical Tornadoes. You can imagine a hypothetical plane crash and its aftermath.

The layout should be like this:

- Airline and flight number

- Date

- location

- deaths and/or injuries

- any details

I'll start.

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Tiar D'Vaughn
• 7/2/2017

Ultraviolet Airlines Flight 35

March 29, 2044

Vantage Washington

1-thousand-37 deaths, one survived

Antonov-850 has in-flight fire, crashes through suspension bridge and dam. Dam fails and floods Columbia River Gorge, causing flooding in Portland and Vancouver Washington. Overall disaster leaves 1-thousand-500 dead and injures over 2-thousand.

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