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The 2023 Superstorm was a massive Superstorm that effected the most of the Continental United States as well as portions of Canada and Mexico from February 27-March 4, 2023.

The Storm

Screenshot 20200418-172230 Earth.jpg

Image: Storm Track

The Storm developed as a massive sub tropical system in the Pacific Ocean on February 25, as the Storm Moved towards the west coast it increased in size and Strength, the Storm made landfall with the Center making landfall south of Pescadero, California on February 27. The storm continued East Spawning diverse amounts of Severe weather as it made it's way across the United States. The Storms eye was located over Crystal Springs, Nevada in the Early morning hours on February 28, the storm recorded Central pressure at 924 Mb as it shifted to the south east dipping into Northern Arizona during the afternoon. The Storm eye was located near the Arizona/New Mexico border by 10 AM on March 1st with Barometric pressure reaching 940 Mb. The system picked up its pace traveling Southeast into Texas by the afternoon. The eye was located near the Texas State Capitol of Austin by midnight, with the storm shifting it direction to the Northeast during the pre-dawn hours on March 2nd. The eye was located over Longview, Texas in the early afternoon. The storm was at peak strength by this point with Barometric pressure r ew reading 950 Mb. The Storms path would shift once again after it crossed the Texas/Arkansas border now traveling due East. The storm moved across Arkansas overnight with the Eye bieng located in Northwestern Mississippi during the Mid Morning hours of March 3, the storm took a sharp Northeast turn, traveling North Northeast through Central Tennessee and Kentucky during the afternoon. The storm eye was located in Southwestern West Virginia by midnight. This sudden sharp turn was caused by a high pressure system moving into Florida forcing the Storm into a Northeastern direction. The Storms eye crossed the West Virginia/Pennsylvania border at 7:04 AM Eastern Time on March 4th, the Barometric pressure had dropped to 845 Mb. by this point. Another High pressure system moved in over Toronto causing the storm to begin traveling due East as the eye was south of Pittsburgh. The eye moved across Pennsylvania throughout the day with the northern eye wall Crossing over Downtown Philadelphia at 4:50 PM Eastern time. The eye crossed into New Jersey minutes later. the eye crossed over Stafford Township at 9:23 PM Eastern time exiting into the Atlantic ocean. The storm shifted Northeast as it exited the North American continent, with the US bieng completely clear of the storm at 11:15 PM Eastern Time. The storm entered Colder waters in the North Atlantic breaking ups as is weakened and dissipated in the North Atlantic on March 6th. The remnants of the storm continued Northeast across the Atlantic making Landfall in England on March 9th. The Remnants of the storm would Spawn a 2 day Tornado Outbreak across England and Whales on March 9th and 10th, as well as flooding. A severe Hailstorm would strike the Greater London area on March 10th. The remnants of the storm dissipated on March 11th over Eastern England.

Impacts by State