2025 North India Earthquake

2022 Indian Ocean Earthquake
Earthquake Damage (2).jpg
Some of the worst damage caused by the quake

Some of the worst damage caused by the quake
Date August 1st, 2025
Time 8:59 AM
Duration 1 minute (60 Seconds)
Magnitude 9.8 and 9.9 (moment magnitude scale)
Depth 30km
Epicenter Indian Ocean
Type Megathrust
Areas affected India and other parts of the Middle-East
Total damages $69.9 billion
Maximum intensity XII - Extreme
Foreshocks 8.4 (moment magnitude scale)
Aftershocks 130,000 - which lasted till the end of February 2023.
Total casualties 120,000 dead, 261,887 injured, 70,500 missing

The 2022 Indian Ocean Earthquake was the strongest Earthquakes to hit Indonesia in Recorded History.


The Event

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