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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 16 April 2018

Plans for Today - (Monday/41618)

Since today is monday, and thus it is part of my Schedule, i will tell you about what my plan is for Today.

Today will be relatively easy, i will be posting new images.

I currently have 225 in my hypothetical image back log which i will be bringing down to 100.

So you guys will have more great images to work with.

You will definitely be able to look at the photo galleries during the next few hours an see what i had done.

CycloneRyne94 (talk) 19:55, April 16, 2018 (UTC)

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 14 April 2018

Decided to take Weekend Off + April Schedule

Well, i've been Active for the last week, and right now i've decided to take Today (Saturday) and Sunday off.

During my active period this Week, i managed to Add upwards of 25 Articles and maybe 50+ Images.

So i've certainly done a lot of Catching up work.

The 1,100th wiki article is up next but i'll leave that to anyone else editing during the weekend.

i've decided to also post my Schedule for the rest of April so you'll get an idea of what the rest of my work days might be like for April.


Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday

And depending on what happens i'll typically be on as Early as 3:45 PM and might be on as late as 1:30 AM.. again, this is depending on the Conditions and i can easily change any of this is something happens online or off.


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Vladimir Lenin xd Vladimir Lenin xd 11 April 2018

The new me

Ok guys, yes this is the unthinkable but i decided to stop socking and vandalizing the wiki. Yes its huge news and all but im starting to become more nice and kind to others instead of harrasing others. When i socked, i was mad that i got banned on my fav wikis but when i got hated, i regretted it so bad. Please let me on this wiki and ill be good forever and all that stuff that makes the people proud.


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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 1 March 2017

Hello March!

Well, here it is, March.. And already we've started with a bang. :)


Yesterday, we managed to Break 1,000 articles 7 minutes before midnight.

And though that was technically still February when it happened, Today, as we enter March, we do so with a Brand-New Look for 2017.

I Can only imagine what else March and the rest of the Year will hold.

But as far as i can say: So far so good. :)

CycloneRyne94 (talk) 09:47, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 1 March 2017

Wiki Update

Well Guys, here we are about to end February and enter March, and I'd say the year has been fairly eventful so far.

So, i'm writing this update because: The Wiki is currently at about 960 Articles, and at the pace in which i am adding articles, it is likely we will see the Wiki's 1,000th Article by the end of the day today or early tomorrow.

Plus, as soon as we do hit the 1,000th Article, this wiki is getting a new look for 2017.

So, i just thought i'd give a heads up before such thing happens. CycloneRyne94 (talk) 00:34, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 23 February 2017

Worst.. Month.. Ever..

Before anyone starts talking about it (My Not being here).. i'm just going to say this now.. i have had.. the worst month i have ever personally experienced..

Not just because of how Personal it is and how extensive the list of Happenings that had happened is.. but im just going to say this.. the last few weeks had been so bad and so painful for me.. i nearly quit my most of my Online stuff..

Plus, in addition to this some other things had happened:

I've been in and out of Depression a bit..

I've moved house.

And, i've also had to replace some electronics after a minor Flood in the last house i had..

Luckily, now, things seem to have calmed down a bit and there's a chance im getting back to work soon..

If somehow i havent by the end of the month …

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 15 January 2017

Been Inactive, but for a Good Reason

Yeah, i know i had gone inactive during the last while.. but for a good reason..

I have been devoting some time in my Newest Project, My Own Hypothetical Hurricane Season animations on youtube. :)

So far, i've animated 2017 to 2021, and 2022 is Expected to be up at around 11 PM tonight.

Right now i cant decide weather i will either take a break from Animating on Sunday or do a lesser active 2023 Season Animation first THEN take a break after.

Either way, im thinking of taking a break from that and doing some more Wiki Work afterwards.

CycloneRyne94 (talk) 01:20, January 15, 2017 (UTC)

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 23 December 2016

Taking A Break;Activity will Resume after Christmas

I'm taking a break until the 26 or 27 because i don't feel like editing since i finished my typhoon season yesturday but my activity will resume after then.

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 12 December 2016

Hoping to get back to work

Well, things have been a bit bad for me lately, Technical or Otherwise, but im hoping to head back into editing mode pretty soon.

Including working more on the 2020 Collab between me and Doug, which i'd like to say is still happening.


Also, i wanted to take the time, while i am assuming it is still a few days before, to wish Doug a Happy (Early) Birthday. :)

CycloneRyne94 (talk) 20:28, December 12, 2016 (UTC)

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 2 December 2016

Not in a Good Mood!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone it's me Doug and I'm not in a good mood first of all my cat got thrown out and my mom has officially ruined Christmas for me so I'm kinda moody today also HE HAS NO RIGHTS ON WHAT GOSE ON IN MY MOM,BROTHER AND MY PERSONAL LIFE my Christmas has been ruined and know their suggesting guinea pigs which are cute buy are useless hamsterso to bit gerbils the reason has hamsters! I'm just in a bad mood. so I might put my activity at a hiatus and I'must just in a bad move 


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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 28 November 2016

2016 Atlantic hurricane season!!!!!!!!

Well well well the Atlantic is going to end next week so let's recap the season shall we let's go and recap

first of the season was perfect i hope we squeeze Paula out maybe Tobias i'm to keen on Richard or Tobias or shary forming,so let's get to the storms

  • Alex the storm was a shocker i didn't expect it for it be a cat1 i was hoppig for a weak SS
  • Bonnie this storm ninjaed me it formed while i was on vacation in tennesse this year it was long lasting with flaver i'll miss tracking you Bonnie i will
  • Colin really come on i made a monsoon article out of this it absolutly had no center i like the fact it managed to defeat Chris in records
  • Danielle i was hoping for a hurricane out of this one this was going to be my favorate storm
  • Earl- July died the…
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TheFlyTeen TheFlyTeen 12 November 2016

I use bandicam

Hey, guys, there is this thing called Bandicam it is really awesome! You should try it!

Btw I created this wiki for mappers. Link: Fake Nations Wiki

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 9 November 2016

My Level of Activity

Well, now that the election is over.. and boy what a night it was.. i thought now would be a good time for me to talk about my Activity.

This will include Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Disasters, Hurricanes.. pretty much every wiki i am on.

Yes, it is still at a low, at least, in terms of Activity and probably will be until at least Thanksgiving.. BUT.. i can tell you from here, even if somehow my computer problems continue.. i will at least have a low-level amount of activity, which will include at least one or two articles per week until my problem is officially solved.. there MIGHT also include some new images here and there.

I want to at least try to keep my little flame going somehow..

So, just a little longer.. and i hope my activity will be e…

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 9 November 2016

Not Happy!!!!

I'm not happy because Trump won, he plans to remove NAFTA, you get the gest.

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 9 November 2016


Well folks it's election time as of est and polls are closing and Clinton has the lead at the momment i do hope she wins and Trump is behind by a lot of points i hope Hillary hits 270.

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 8 November 2016


There is a change to my seasons as they will have no seasos due at least 3 things added into a season here will make visual and source editor not work right,because of this my seasons will not have timelines, for now.

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 7 November 2016

Still trying to figure things out.

Well, as my Battery is still not in and i had received word that it may not be until at least the 10th... i am tying to figure things out for the Wikis.

Things have been kinda of Unfair for me lately...

Of course, with Election Day Tomorrow, knowing we'll be ending the year with a new President.. could make things a bit more stressful, especially for me.

So.. let's just hope i can get this dealt with SOON.. because i tell you what.. i am done with these stupid issues. CycloneRyne94 (talk) 21:50, November 7, 2016 (UTC)

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 1 November 2016

My Activity!

Hello World ihope those who celabrate Halloween had a goon one, anyways the Holidays are approaching fast and what comes with the Holidays is a ton of wikia inactivie because of obvious reasons.

the question i ask my self is if i'll slowdown my editing and activity

my activity may fall, due to me spending time afk so if i don't edit much i'ts the Holidays (epseically after ThanksGiving) in other news my edits should remain at least 1 or 2nedits,however due to the Holidays the 1-2 edits during the Holidays will become rare.

That's my plans at the momments for wikia and the Holidays. nvm the above,but activity should drop a litlle bit.

The reason,while i edit is i may or may not collab with Ryne in the futureand my Easter Island season. if i don…

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 22 October 2016

Some new uncertainty..

This is basically about the same thing i've put up on HHW...

I dont know what the future of my works are going to be like on this Wiki at the moment because i am currently experiencing some kinda of Computer related issue...


Whatever this issue is, has been affecting the way my Computer's Battery Charges...

(Yes, im on a Laptop)

At the moment: I cant tell if it is the Charger, the Battery or something else.. but the Battery hasnt been charging as Normally as it used to.. whenever i have the charger plugged in, it acts weird.. sometimes it doesnt even see the Charger, sometimes it does but it doesnt charge, and sometimes it DOES Charge but in small increments over time... i say this, because when the indicator comes on, a weird, whinny noise …

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 30 September 2016

Hurricane Matthew!


Matthew over the course of 3 days has became a cat4 as of today cat4 i expect a peak or cat5 as vears near Cuba stay tuned!

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 30 September 2016

Things Coming up!/Update pre-October

Ok here are things comming up pre-october into october

A Collab with Ryne yes i know Ryne is very busy,but i think when he has the time we could collab

Finishing predictions

yes i need to add and do 2020-22 seasons because i still need to finish my predictions

Predicit Haima and Sarika articles,yes i chose to do that

A Nintendo season

a my family season.

Easter Island to begin (November only)

and time to predict Nichole and Walaka and the S Epac name that's all comming up.

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 14 September 2016

What is comming up!

Hello peeps here is what to expect in the Atlantic.

Ian will do nothing really.

Julia will do nothing mainly.

Karl is going form soon.

Orlene is going to dissipate

Meranti is passing by taiwan.

Otherwise no eventful irl storms are doing much.

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GloriouslyBlonde GloriouslyBlonde 10 September 2016

Nearing Easter Island Cyclone season

As we all know we are in September which means October what comes after October? November! which means that Easter Island Cyclone Season is comming up the DHTC (Douglas Hurricane Tropical Center) as predicted this beging the most active season with 20 named storms,6 Cyclones and 3 Severe Cyclones+ It begins on November 1 and ends on May 30. so it`s 2016-17

Here are the names\

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TheFlyTeen TheFlyTeen 9 July 2016



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DeralDoug 2 DeralDoug 2 4 July 2016

Happy Independence Day!

As we all know Today is July 4th America`s Birthday which means it`s independence day if you live in the US it`s firework time later today so stay safe and have fun. And it`s one of my dogs least favorate time of the year,Douglas Out

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 18 June 2016


I MIGHT be coming off my break soon.. but then comes the problem of Figuring out what i wanna work on next. CycloneRyne94 (talk) 17:43, June 18, 2016 (UTC)

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 15 June 2016

Taking a short break..

Well folks, i think im taking a break from Hypothetical Disasters for a Day or Two, i've got stuff coming up soon i will need to take care of. CycloneRyne94 (talk) 23:15, June 15, 2016 (UTC)

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DeralDoug DeralDoug 12 June 2016

Omar gonna get removed by NHC

The name Omar is gonna get removed due a nightclub attack by a guy named Omar let`s hope it dosen`t

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DeralDoug DeralDoug 10 June 2016

Season Request!

Hello peeps i`m here to announce season request 

requirments names or numbers

using TD-C10 or normal SSHS


and year and basin

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DeralDoug DeralDoug 8 June 2016

Seasons comming up

Here are my up comming seasons

  • 2217 Atlantic hurricane season
  • 1711 Atlantic hurricane seasob
  • 2008 Coca-Cola hurricane season

which season should i do first?

2217 Atlantic hurricane season doug 1711 hurricane season doug 2008 cola season doug

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CycloneRyne94 CycloneRyne94 25 September 2015

The New Look Of Hypothetical Disasters

So for the past Month or So, some Extensive work had been put into Hypothetical Disasters.

Now, this 3, Almost 4 year old wiki has got a sort of Rejuvenation, Where, it has received: A New Look, new how-to videos, new features, new images, and perhaps 100+ Articles had been created since this work began. --

So, in your opinion, what do you think of the New and Improved Hypothetical Disasters?

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