Hurricane Alexa was a hurricane that affected the east coast if the united states in 2134 were it was the first named storm and hurricane of the year it is also the first known May hurricane since Able as well as the earliest hurricane to hot the united states.

Category 1 Hurricane SSHWS
Hurricane Bonnie (1998) - New

Alexa Nearing Hurricane Strength on May 5
Formed May 1
Dissipated May 7
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 4.5
Highest winds 75
Lowest pressure 999
Damages $100 USD
Direct Fatalities 20
Indirect Fatalities 1
Missing 0
Areas affected United States East Coast (Georgia, South Carolina)
Part of the
2134 Atlantic hurricane season

Metorlogical History Edit

On March 26 a wave formed and began to take structure and was noted on March 28 the low progessivly intensifyed into Tropical Storm Alexa on May 1, Alexa would acclerate West and ride up the Bahamas ans take aim at the United States Alexa then became a hurricane the first of the season and would peak near a landfall and then make landfall before fizziling out.

Alexa-2134 track

Track of Hurricane Alexa accoureding to the SSHWS

Preparaions and Impacts Edit

Bahamas Edit

the Bahama didnt need to prepare much as the storm passed through impacts were minimal.

United States Edit

The United States president Kyle M Omega issued that any one near the coast moved inland impacts that happend were power outages arcross the coast of SC sandbags were also preapared.

Retirement Edit

It will be determined if Alexa will retired in Apring of 2135.