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This page has been created in accordance to the acceptable usage policy page. It outlines the rules and disciplines of the chatroom.


  • No offensive language/comments in the chatroom, as this will result in a 1 week ban by either a Chat Moderator, admin or bureaucrat present at the time.
  • If you see anything offensive in the chatroom whilst there are no Chat Moderators, admins or bureaucrats present, leave a message on on one of our Chat Moderator's, admin's or bureaucrat's Message Wall, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Be sure to provide evidence when you do so, or the issue cannot be investigated by wiki staff.
  • Swearing is allowed, but only if censored using asteriks (*).


  • All users of the chatroom will be given 3 warnings by a Chat Moderator, and if the user still fails to follow the instructions of the Moderators issuing the warning, they will be banned from the chatroom for 24 hours as punishment for their offenses.
  • Chat Moderators who get banned from chat will lose their Moderatorship abilities as a punishment for their offenses.
  • Users using offensive language/comments in the chatroom will be banned from the chatroom by a Moderator for 1 week. If the issues continue, then a 1 week wiki block will be performed by an admun or bureaucrat as punishment for their offenses.

Chat Moderatorship

  • If you are banned from the chatroom 3 or more times, you cannot recieve Chat Moderator rights here.
  • If you are in a special rights group that contains Chat Moderatorship responsibilities, you are expected to know the responsibilities of a Chat Moderator as well.
  • If a Chat Moderator is banned from chat, they will be demoted as punishment for their offenses.