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Monsoon Andy was a 2020 disaster and Category 2 and was also formed during the 2020 Monsoon Season. It caused over $12.7 million in damage and was one of the very first monsoons in 2020.

Meteorological History

Sometime in the summer of 2020, the land somehow became warmer then the ocean, and a monsoon formed. However, this wasn’t any monsoon. In fact, it was so powerful, it had to be given a name. The monsoon moved across Florida, and soon, it came pouring down rain everywhere.

Power and main accelerations cut out, and so victims were left scared and desperate. Some of the victims died of either hunger, unproper shelter, or thirst.

The monsoon than dissipated a few hours after forming, leaving a little bit of people either dead or missing.



The monsoon came raging over the state of Florida, flooding many neighborhoods and cities. All power cut off, and many food and water supplies were basically nonexistent. Very few people died when the monsoon was finally over.

How it Formed

The land in the summer of 2020 somehow became warmer in the ocean. That caused the air to rise over the land and air to blow in from the ocean to fill the void left by the air that rose. And as you know, rising air leads to cloud formation and precipitation.


  • This monsoon was one of the very first ones of the year 2020.