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The Perfect Storm of 2024 or also known as The Storm of the Decade or Century. This was considered as a very powerful storm with heavy snowfall, heavy ice accumulation, and heavy rain in tornado outbreaks. Also this powerful storm brought a two big tornado outbreaks and confirmed about 844 tornadoes. This powerful storm lasted through December 8- December 22. This very powerful storm affected almost the Mainland U.S. expect for the Southwest region. Record breaking snowfall records were recorded in the Great Plains, Great Lakes, and Northeast Region. The Two Big Tornado Outbreaks affected most of the South Plain and the Deep South Region. The powerful storm caused 4,443 deaths and also caused $201 billion in damages.

Meteorological History

Winter Storm, Ice Storm Cassie and a Moderate Tornado Outbreak

A low pressure system developed on December 8 in the Pacific Ocean. On December 9, The low pressure started to intensify and snow started to fall down in Seattle. It dumped about 3.2 inches of snow and the Cascades Mountain Ranges got about nearly 2 feet of snow. This snowstorm got an official name “Winter Storm Cassie” and became the third named winter Storm of the 2024-25 winter season. Some other mountains ranges got about less than 1 inch of snow to more 3 feet of snow. On December 10, the Rockies got a intense blizzard and got an estimated amount of 5 feet of snow and they Northern Great Plains started to get snow in the afternoon. It got about 12 inches of snow in the first 10 hours. On December 11, the Northern Plains started to get more snow and sometimes massive amounts of snow in very little time. A new system started to spawn southeast of the Rockies and would be later partly an ice storm and tornado outbreak. By the evening, the Northern Plains totaled around 2 feet of snow and sometimes 3 feet. This caused lots of damages in the major cities in the area. On December 12, The snowstorm started to reach near the Great Plains and Great Lakes region and snowed about 2 inches per hour in some areas. Cities like Minneapolis, St Paul, Madison, Milwaukee, Des Monies, and Chicago started to get blizzard conditions in the evening time and started to hit Milwaukee extremely hard with winds of 70 mph with gusts of 98 mph. An ice storm started to form pretty fast and later in the day, Oklahoma City started to get heavy ice accumulations and got about half an inch of ice in the end of the day. At the same time, Texas started to get a moderate tornado outbreak and got only got 20 tornadoes for the whole day. It also rained pretty hard in the city of Austin and the rest of Texas. On December 13, the snowstorm continued to rage in the Great Lakes region and got massive snow totals of 10 inches in the first 12 hours and there were some times that blizzards effected Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and parts of Ohio. The snow accumulations started to slow down during that time also. The totals of the snowstorm by the end of the day were about 12 to 24 inches of snow. The ice storm also started to slow down by a lot as well and barely reached 0.3 inches of ice at all. It still caused. lot of from the previous day. The tornado outbreak also weaken by a lot as well and there were only about 3 tornadoes for the whole day. On December 14, one big system formed the Great Plains by Cassie. They would be separated into two system and be named Dennis and Ellie. The snowstorm started to reach the Northeast Region and the snowstorm started to restrengthened again and bright very heavy packs of snow in the Mid Atlantic States and parts of New England. There were some areas were it brought 3 inches per hour. Blizzard conditions started to speard almost of over the Mid Atlantic states and New England. The Northeast Megalopolis started to get pretty hard at the evening time. The total snowfall accumulations hit somewhere around 12-24 inches of snow. The ice storm started to get strong again and affected the states of Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and parts of Georgia. The ice accumulations started to get heavy in those areas and ice accumulations totaled about 0.30 to 0.80 inches of ice at the end of the day. The tornado outbreak started to get strong pretty quickly and reported a high risk of tornadoes in the Deep South. The afternoon time reported about only 3 violent tornadoes and caused lots of damage in some areas. There was only one EF5 tornado during the outbreak. The outbreak also brought very heavy rain during that time and brought a total of 5.1 inches of rain on the coast of Alabama. It overall brought about 50 tornadoes and heavy damage. On December 15, the snowstorm was still going at the Northeast coast and brought some heavy snow in he coast of Massachusetts and got snow totals of 8-16 inches of snow. The Northeast got hit pretty hard by the snowstorm and so as the Great Plains and Lakes region. It was one of the worst snowstorms in the month of December. The ice storm still had some ice accumulations falling on the coast of South and North Carolina. It only brought about 0.3 inches of ice in total. This ice storm overall was pretty severe and caused lots of damage. The tornado outbreak was still going strong with a high risk but still brought some strong tornadoes on the coasts of Georgia. It balls brought some heavy rain and a few tornadoes which only totaled up to 22 tornadoes for the whole day. Overall it was considered as the worst tornado outbreak in the month of December until a few days later and brought 95 tornadoes overall. The whole system moved about the whole east coast by the end of the day and completely out by early of December 16.

Winter Storm Cassie by snow accumulations between December 9-15

Ice Storm Cassie by ice accumulations between December 12-15

The Tornado Outbreak by risk map between December 12-15

Winter Storm, Ice Storm Dennis and Ellie and a Super Outbreak