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Typhoon Atsani (Perla)
Category 5 super typhoon (SSHWS
Typhoon Atsani shortly after attaining peak intensity.

Typhoon Atsani shortly after attaining peak intensity.
Formed December 5
Dissipated December 14
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 28.6 units
Highest winds 160 mph
(1=min sustained)
Lowest pressure 915 mbar
Damages $14 million USD
Direct Fatalities 9
Indirect Fatalities 67
Missing N/A
Areas affected Luzon, Taiwan
Part of the
2019 Pacific typhoon season

Typhoon Atsani (Perla) was a late-season super typhoon that affected Luzon and Taiwan. Typhoon Atsani was the last super typhoon of the year, and was, at that time, the last storm worldwide that achieved Category 5 status. Atsani also capsized a ferry off the coast of Batanes, killing 67 people on board.

Meteorological History

JTWC traced Atsani's origins to a low pressure area 1900 kilometres east of Mindanao. A through to the north hindered it from developing. After a two days, the low pressure area strengthened into a Tropical Depression. Though highly - sheared, the Depression soon strengthened into a Tropical Storm, earning the name Atsani. Atsani, still highly sheared, tracked gradually through Micronesia, bringing tropical storm-force winds and heavy rain. Atsani entered an area with high shear and heavy dry air. Atsani got downgraded to a tropical depression once again. Atsani tracked as a depression for one day before strengthening back to a tropical storm.